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A 45-Year-Old Track Record

Decades of knowledge and international experience, combined with strong values and a ground breaking administrative policy, have made Offis Textile into a leading company in its field, both in Israel and abroad.


Offis Textile, Ltd., specializing in designing, tailoring, coloring, printing and finishing textiles for bed linen, tablecloths and curtains, was founded in 1973. And Years it has been a leader in Israel textile industry.

Since its establishment, the company has accrued professional knowledge and experience in the production of home textiles. Moreover, it has specialized in finding advanced and quick technological solutions to provide each one of its customers with unique, tailored products, based on their desires, tastes, styles and needs. The company does this with meticulous attention to detail, in everything from quality and service to deadlines and pricing.

For Israel

Offis Textile has been positioned at the heart of the Israeli industry for 45 years. Hundreds of local employees—manufacturers, development teams, designers and varying levels of managers—have put the term “Hebrew labor” into practice. In doing so, they have transformed the company into a leader in the Israeli textile industry, and its clients and owners into a veritable Israeli success story.

For The Community

Social engagement and community work are inextricable parts of Offis business vision. Offis Textile has translated the term “taking responsibility” into a value—a social value. Indeed, social responsibility and involvement are a meaningful part of Offis Textile’s daily activities. These values are implemented in a variety of ways, at all levels of society, and include both the employees and administration. Every member of the Offis Textile team volunteers and contributes to the community, each according to his or her skills and capabilities.

Moreover, as part of Offis affiliation to the Fishman Group, which has pioneered a policy of integrating people with disabilities, Offis Textile welcomes people with special needs. Some work in factories, while others are placed in appropriate frameworks, in their own communities as well as around the country.

For The Environment

As an exemplary production company, Offis Textile believes in protecting the environment. As such, it converts energy resources from fuel oil to bio gas, produced according to the Oeko-Tex standard, abiding by the Global Organic Textile standards, and using recycled material and environmentally-friendly chemicals and colors.

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