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Convenience and a Global Presence

Offis Textile has improved the quality of life for millions of people around the world for more than 45 years by producing unparalleled textiles


Offis Textile invests many resources to thoroughly understand the tastes and needs of its clientele worldwide. In doing so, it can best translate international fashion trends into home textiles tailored in a unique and precise way. All of our products represent the customers culture, climate and lifestyle.

Among Offis Textile’s many customers are retailers, manufacturers, institutions and distributors, in Israel and around the world.

Offis Customers in Israel

Golf, Kitan, Vardinon, Darlen and Home Center are among the largest and prestigious brands and distributors in Israel, which have chosen Offis Textile as their lead producer. Similarly, Offis Textile’s products have a strong presence in the country’s best retail chains and stores.

In Israel, Offis is well-known as an established company which produces high-quality products and offers superb service. The company’s customers can count on strict manufacturing deadlines, high-quality design and advanced technology. These assets are manifested in the careful treatment of the textiles and their quality.

Offis Global Customers

Offis Textile designs, manufactures and sews textiles and other products for the leading companies. It has become a preferred manufacturer for prestigious factories and distributors as well as stores and online retailers. They have chosen Offis because of the high quality of its products, the careful attention to detail in the orders, employees’ availability, ability to meet deadlines, and the flexibility that the company gives its customers (thanks to, among other things, the capacity to handle minimum orders). The company’s products are sold in The US, Canada, Europe, Scandinavia, South America, Taiwan, and more.

Offis Textile specializes in providing a comprehensive solution as a one-stop-shop operation, producing Private Labels for leading companies in Israel and around the world.