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Offis offers end-to-end manufacturing solutions, from design and fabric selection, finishing to packaging.

By controlling stages of the production process, we are able to consistently ensure quality, no matter how big or small your brand is


Let us tell you all about it…



Every bed begins in a dream…

At Offis design studio we will create for you the

design that will make your brand stand out.

Always cutting-edge, and always trying to

anticipate the latest trends.

Advanced Greige Fabric Processes


Quality Control Of greige Fabric – After obtaining the

required fabric, a rolling process is performed while

undertaking a comprehensive inspection of the fabric.

Singeing – In order to obtain a smooth, clean-looking

fabric, fibers sticking out from the surface of the

fabric are removed by burning them using

professional, advanced burners produced by

Osthoff-Senge, one of the world leaders in this field.

De-sizing – De-sizing is an enzymatic process to

remove starch coating the warp threads in the

woven fabrics. This process ensures uniform



Using a continuous bleaching machine with a

chemical process, each fabric is bleached in

order to obtain a uniform clean, absorbent

fabric that is ideally suited to the required processes.

Quality inspections are performed to ensure

that the bleached fabric uniform throughout

its entire length and width.



Quality Dyeing for Spectacular Fabrics 

Offis dyeing department specializes in dyeing fabrics using a variety of methods that employ sophisticated machinery.

Four Different Dyeing Methods:

  • Pigment
  • Disperse (polyester)
  • Reactive
  • Vat

Dyeing Quality Control

The dyeing process is performed under strict supervision, including review of the color quality

color continuity, and the uniformity of the dye throughout the fabric.



As part of the company’s innovative policy,

all Offis printing machines are computerized

and are among the most advanced and

sophisticated on the market.

The Offis printing department includes rotary

printers with up to 15 screens.

Offis prepares colors for the printing machines

using an automatic computerized color kitchen

from Vanwyk Systems.



Offis finishing department performs the crucial final stage in

the fabric manufacturing process, improving the appearance

and quality of the fabric as well as giving it a range of

unique properties including its final look and feel.

A fabric’s appearance can be enhanced through carried

out by a skilled senior team, and unique properties can

be created by advanced machines specially purchased

to provide an international standard of finishing.

Finishing Types

  • Different types of softening (a process designed to soften the fabric)
  • Water and stain repellent
  • Polished fabric
  • Fire-retardant
  • Sweat-wicking
  • Scent according to the client’s choice
  • Flannel
  • Down proof, etc.



Offis prides itself on providing its customers

with creative product solutions, sophisticated

designs and excellence in both quality and service

We utilize cutting-edge machinery, in-house

hemstitching and sophisticated embroidery

equipment, adding more value to the product.

We can provide boutique sewing services for

more complex and sophisticated product lines.



Custom made packaging according to the customer’s request and imagination.

Offis Textile is an internationally recognized leader in bedding innovation, providing cutting edge quality and service to global bedding and textile companies worldwide.