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Home Textile Manufacturing

The specific manufacturing process used for each fabric depends on its final use. This is also true when considering home textiles such as bed linens, upholstery, and curtains. All of these items can be easily distinguished from one another by the manufacturing processes used during their production. The processes Offis uses at its plant are among the most advanced and high quality in the world, and include design, manufacturing, and packaging processes, all of which are carried out with the strictest attention to detail.

From the initial stage of concept and design, up to the point when it is packed for shipment to clients, the fabric may undergo a variety of processes. These include various preparatory processes (including quality control of raw fabric, singeing, and de-sizing); bleaching; dyeing; printing; finishing; quality control; and packaging. All of our fabrics are examined and inspected by our quality assurance team prior to each of these stages. The fabric is only cleared to enter the next manufacturing stage when it has passed inspection.

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