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Offis welcomes its new customers:
As part of our ongoing Business Development programs, we now have new customers in The Ukrainian and Japanese Markets.
We are also cooperating as a sub-contractor with Zara Home.
New Technology at Offis:
  • We are excited to inform you that recently we acquired a wide new German Automatic high-tech straightening machine – the most modern piece, which will replace the existing one in order to improve our fabrics straightening. 
We are expecting to start working with it this coming October.
  • We have also assembled new automatic control system (computerized camera – vision inspection) to our Stenter, which should improve our quality control audits.
Cotton Prices:
Recently we have been witnessing an ongoing trend of raising Cotton prices up to 12%.
Since prices are still on the rise, our greige fabric’s suppliers are avoiding from price commitment and from making new purchase contracts.
We, at Offis Textile, are doing our utmost to find alternative purchase solutions so that our customers will not be damaged from this reality created in the world.
New Fabrics Arrival:
We are adding these days 2 more fabrics to our inventory:
  • C/P 80/20 Satin 133/95 40/40 Stripe 3 mm.
  • Cotton 60% Linen 40% 2/40×26
New Service Model:
Continuing to the company’s agenda, we are pleased to inform you we have develop a new service model for your convenience;
We produce several dyed fabrics with basic colors for our inventory. This model allows you to order these fabrics in small quantities and immediate deliveries.
Below are our first new offered qualities & colors, please consider adding them to your upcoming shipments.
*** Colors are for illustration only
Microfiber Blankets
We are pleased to launch our new line of products – Microfiber Blankets.
This microfiber fabric has a light brushing feeling (like peach finish).
Size: 230 mm max.
Dye: Light pigment only.
Print: All over without background & Non directional, up to 6 Screens Max.
Minimum Order Quantity: as minimum per screens (6 screens max).
Heimtex 2017:
Nowadays we are in preparations for the upcoming HEIMTEX 2017 exhibition.
We will be happy to see you among our visitors.