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Development in the Japanese market

We are pleased to announce that Offis Textile was chosen to produce bed linens to the Japanese Market.
Our designs and products are proudly combined in the unique culture of Japan. 

Designer’s Pick

Our Designers will stand up to any challenge and this allows them to learn and create designs for the Asian culture.

Innovate over and over again

Oppss… again we spilled water on the tablecloth! It’s a good thing we had
Offis’s “water and oil repellent” tablecloth!

Another Innovation that helps to “wipe and dry the worries” off:
Minimizes staining stains & Decreases the need for laundry and extend the life of the fabric.

Fun Day to our production’s workers

A taste of the mill’s activities: Production workers on a day of integration – they enjoyed Kayaking, a good restaurant and many more surprises.