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As part of our ongoing efforts to be ahead of the game in terms of innovations and desire to think “outside the box”, alongside the continuing innovation updates in the textile field, we created a new fabric’s finishing that is now in high demand – Comfort Finishing.

“Comfort Finishing” is a special Nano-Technology treatment. In this technique we insert small particles inside the fabric and those help evaporate moisture from the fabric.
This finishing causes water droplets to become smaller. The smaller they get, the greater evaporation. The process creates a cooler feeling, especially in percale fabrics.
Comfort Finishing can be applied to all kinds of fabrics and because its nanotechnology treatment – it doesn’t wash off.

Double sided print is a special technique for printing both sides of the fabric (two different designs), allowing to mix & match different designs.
The technique is known and was presented to our customers in the past however now we broaden it to other fabrics such as Flannel & Twill.

Maison & Objet:
Our Design Studio attended to the last Maison & Objet exhibition held in Paris last month.
They collected many design’s trends and styles for the upcoming year.
Offis studio will be happy to share this information with you as part of our service’s benefits.


Offis Textile New Video

Our new video:
For those who couldn’t open the link to our new company video, we welcome you to click on the image.
We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

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