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Offis Sleeping Bag Sleeve

The new Offis Textile Sleeping Bag Sleeve has been launched with the aim to produce an item which is used in wet conditions, especially high-flood areas where many insects are widespread – most of serious fever diseases such Yellow fever, Malaria, Zika virus and more are transmitted by insects.  

The Offis Sleeping Bag Sleeve has been developed primarily for the use of travels, government security forces and for camping and sport activities.

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Designer’s Pick

Our Design Studio present the most updated colors during 2017.

Offis Tablecloth – White & Presidential

Our Prime Minister chose Offis’ 100% cotton sateen 1,200 tablecloth for his presidential dinner, knowing our high quality.

Offis CEO in the Knesset (Israel’s Parliament)

Being one of the major actors in the textile local industry, Marco Abergel, Offis CEO, participates in deliberations in the Israel’s parliament in order to influences on the local economy’s decisions.