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Weaving Dreams out of Cloth

Offis Textile home textile products are beautifully designed, pleasant to the touch, have an aesthetic appearance and are comfortable in all aspects, including the price.

Offis Textile is known for a wide variety of its products: linens (sets or single), curtains, tablecloths and blankets. The company specializes in all the production stages of the home textiles, from the initial design stage to the final product. Everything is done with attentiveness to the client and respect for the fabric.

Offis Textile’s tailoring department specializes in working with the clients from devising the initial concept to sewing and packaging the final product. Everything is done in accordance with the client’s needs, tastes and personal style.

The department’s uniqueness is in its ability to find solutions to any request, while ensuring high quality and meeting deadlines.

The department is composed of professionals who are skilled in all production stages (design, tailoring, packaging and inspection), and also experienced in working with different clients and various markets all over the world.

The department’s employees work in full cooperation with the design department to develop and individually tailor each final product to the client. They accomplish all of this with professionalism, cost-effectiveness, promptness, and most importantly – endless creativity which is evident in spectacular colors and inspiring designs. 

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