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Our Values

At the core of Offis Textile’s success are its values: integrity, mutual respect, cooperation, excellence and leadership.

At Offis we believe that every value serves as the base of the subsequent value: integrity leads to mutual respect, mutual respect leads to cooperation and cooperation leads to excellence. Excellence is the starting point for leadership.

Our values dictate our financial conduct and also testify to the way we work to implement our strategy and vision.  

Firstly, however, our values unite us and assist us in upholding our commitment to our workers, clients, suppliers and stockholders.

Commitment to transparency – We insist on continuous transparency, integrity and credibility toward all our stakeholders: business partners, suppliers, and most importantly our clients and employees. Transparency leads to mutual respect.

Commitment to mutual respect – We believe that respect for human values is the foundation of every connection in this world. Mutual respect leads to cooperation.

Commitment to cooperation – We know that there is no substitute for mutual inspiration, brainstorming and collaborative work. Cooperation leads to excellence.

Commitment to excellence – We are positive that using our resources and minds together is a power multiplier and leads to success and excellence.

Commitment to leadership – We strive to be a leading company in our field by implementing the four basic values that we implement in our daily operations: transparency, mutual respect, cooperation and excellence.

Those are the four foundations which guide Offis Textile toward the fulfillment of our ultimate objective: To become a leading home-textile company both in Israel and around the world.