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The Offis printing department prints designs that are either submitted by the client, or prepared by the Offis design department. As part of Offis’ “never say no” policy, the client knows the company will always work to fulfill any desire or requirement. The printing department specializes in creating the desired designs by utilizing all types of fabric printing: pigment, reactive, discharge, and puff.

Technology To Improve Printing Quality

As part of the company’s innovative policy, all Offis printing machines are computerized and are among the most advanced and sophisticated on the market.

  • The Offis printing department includes rotary printers with up to 15 screens.
  • The printing department operates equipment with fabric printing capabilities of widths up to 285cm.
  • The printing abilities of the equipment reach a repeat of 101cm.
  • Offis prepares colors for the printing machines using an automatic computerized color kitchen from Vanwyk Systems.

Printing Quality Control

Quality control inspections are carried out during every stage of the printing process, including checking the color dispensing system, as well as the stability and appearance of the colors.

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