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Quality Control And Packaging

Offis is committed to provide high quality products. The quality control and packaging department is comprised of particularly observant employees with a developed sense of esthetics in order to ensure that every product that comes off the manufacturing line is perfect. Offis fabrics receive a quality stamp from the Standards Institution of Israel, which requires a detailed examination of all fabrics (100%). This means that each meter of fabric is inspected before being sent to the client (either as a fabric or as a finished product). This kind of strict inspection means that no imperfect fabric can be delivered to the client. The company’s packaging department ensures that clients receive the fabric exactly as requested. The fabrics can be received in various types of packaging: as full-length rolls, double-folded rolls, folded on a pallet, or folded fabric by the meter. Stickers and barcodes are attached to this packaging, and the product is delivered to the client’s warehouses. As part of its client-first philosophy, Offis never dictates fixed parameters for a product, and this is also true in the packaging department, as it offers flexibility to suit the needs of each client.

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