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Working For The Environment

Offis Textile aspires to be environmentally friendly, and believes in the ability of each factory and organization to contribute toward this important goal. As an advanced manufacturing company that developed from traditional industry, Offis invests many resources and extensive effort in educated strategic planning that helps to reduce energy consumption as well as the production of environmental waste.

Our Policies

  • Switching energy sources from mazut fuel oil to environmentally-friendly biogas. Through an upgrading process, the company transfers gas produced at the Hiriya waste recycling site via 3km pipes. This biogas is used to produce steam and heat thermal oil. This process significantly improves the plant’s emissions as well as the air quality in the surrounding area.
  • Manufacturing products that meet international standards for organic textiles made from 100% organic cotton.
  • Offis Textile is certified in accordance with the Oeko-Tex standard.
  • Using recycled materials.
  • Using environmentally-friendly chemicals and dyes.

Green Pride

In 2004, Offis Textile won the “Guardians of the Environment” certificate from Green Leaf, an Israeli environmental organization.

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