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Technological Innovation

OFFIS Batik Printing On Cotton Dyed Fabrics

  • Cotton dyed fabrics with BATIK effects achieved by special printing techniques.
  • Highly fashion fabrics achieving special effects like used, wash down, vintage appearance.
  • Possibility of multi-color effects on same ground basic dyeing. (reactive dyes)

OFFIS Dyeing Glow Effects On Cotton Rich Fabrics

  • Special technique to dye cotton rich fabrics with special luminous effects.
  • Top of fashion brilliant dyes.
  • Remarkable appearance of YELLOW, PINK, ORANGE and GREEN shades. (marker shades)

OFFIS Day Glow Print

  • Printing with fluorescent pigments that glow in day light with bright and intensive colors (yellow, green, orange, pink, red, magenta)
  • Can print several glow shades in the same design.
  • Can be printed on dyed fabric
  • Suitable for printing on white fabrics
  • Outstanding brilliance and luminosity
  • Good wash fastness
  • Fast to dry cleaning

OFFIS Puff Print

  • Printing with an addition of polymeric material that become swollen and creates a prominent area on the fabric surface.
  • Tri dimension patterns tinted with regular pigments or fluorescent pigments.
  • Dry clean fastness
  • Good rubbing fastness
  • Suitable all fabrics
  • Can be printed on white or colored background
  • Can print different motives of puff on the same design
  • Avoids slippage on bath & kitchen mats
  • Suitable for bed covers, curtains, decorative pillows, bath and kitchen mats.

OFFIS Pearlescent Gold and Silver

  • Shiny and bright gold and silver “metallic imitation”
  • Can be printed on dark ground
  • Can print only two screens per design
  • Fast to washing in 40 c
  • Non toxic
  • Good light fastness

 OFFIS Discharge Print With Glow Pigment And Pearl

  • Good wash fastness
  • Fast to dry cleaning
  • Brilliant glow shades over reactive dyed fabric with outstanding brilliant and luminosity
  • Innovative pearl print over reactive dyed fabric for shiny and bright effects
  • The pearl can be tinted to achieve wide spectrum of colors

OFFIS Double Side Print

  • Special technique for printing each side of the fabric with two different designs,
  • High flexibility in home use
  • Fabric can be used in both sides
  • Mix and match different designs
  • Fast to washing
  • No finishing limitation

OFFIS Vintage Print

  • Retro – vintage interesting effect
  • Uncontrolled bleeding of colors out of the printing border
  • Different effect on different kind of cotton
  • Can print multi screens per design
  • Can be different effect along the running meters of the fabric
  • Fast to washing
  • Good light fastness

OFFIS Antique Printing

  • Printed wash out look
  • Fade out effect
  • Two sides appearance
  • Reactive dyed fabric
  • Possibility of tinting the was areas
  • Good wash fastness
  • Very soft handle

OFFIS Washed Multi-Color Effect Printing

  • New technology for producing multi colors effect with uni and wash effect in the same design on cotton fabric only
  • Can print multi shades in the same design

OFFIS Multi-Color Effect Printing

  • Cotton printed fabric with special printing technique
  • Achieving multi-color effect and glow shades
  • Can reach wide range of colors in the same print
  • Reactive dyes
  • Good wash fastness
  • Very soft handle

OFFIS Water Color Process

  • Four colors process printing- magenta, cyan, bril. Yellow, black
  • Special technique printing screens where a color image is separated into 4 different basic colors
  • TV multi colors effect
  • Most of the entire spectrum of colors are produces with just 4 process colors
  • Small dots of those colors are printed at different density to create the printed image
  • Good wash fastness

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