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The Rise of Luxury Bedding Startups

Until recently, luxury bedding was seen as something for the top 1%, with bedsheet prices for high end labels costing hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. As a result, the remaining 99% of consumers perceived bedding purchases as mundane and expected little from their bed sheets.

Today, bedsheets and mattress are part of the holistic lifestyle of the modern millennial, and because of this, new startups have entered the antiquated bedding market. They have done so with a simple desire – to disrupt the industry and bring luxury bedding to the masses.

As the VP Business Development in one of the largest bedding manufacturing factories in the world, I see the rise of the luxury bedding industry and the change the entire sleep space is experiencing from a different perspective.

A Shift in the Importance of Sleep

One of the main reasons I think brought about the change in the bedding industry is because the way consumers view their sleep is changing. Nowadays, it is well known that getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for one’s health, and has direct impact on a person’s overall wellbeing.

The Growing eCommerce Industry

Consumers wanting a better sleep experience is not enough to completely disrupt the market and drive startups into the sleep space; but innovation in technology and the rise of the eCommerce industry is.

Bedding innovation leader Brooklinen started out on kickstarter in 2014 and since then has gone on to become one of the largest household names associated with luxury bedding products.  Brooklinen provides high quality bedsheets at a fraction of the cost, and they are able to do so by having a service that is entirely online and is data focused and utilizes technology to their advantage.  Brooklinen targets previously ignored market segments (particularly men) and focuses on selling their product online, reducing the middlemen and prices accordingly.

The Need for Bedding Market Disruption

The rapid growth of the eCommerce industry alongside the rising understanding consumers have of the importance of sleep on their overall wellbeing has made way for startups looking to transform the one thing mankind has been doing since the start of time – sleeping.

The home textile market in the U.S alone surpassed $54.5 billion, and is expected to reach $66.5 billion by 2030, and startups want a piece of that big and growing pie.

Since the bedding industry has been without competition for years, the legacy enterprises that dominated the marketplace did not see online marketing as crucial for bedding products. As tech savvy startups entered the marketplace, the online competition has increased, making digital marketing campaigns for bedding products a common sight. The addition of new players in the market has also, by default, reduced the price of bedding goods for consumers.

Simplicity of Setting up Private Labels

If startups entering the bedding market had to figure out on their own how to create high quality bedding and textiles themselves, the coveted market disruption might not have come. Sourcing fabrics, understanding the bedding manufacturing process, creating custom designs, orchestrating logistics and managing finishing’s and packaging’s is a complex process that requires years of experience.

Even enterprises in complementary industries such as mattress manufacturers would have a hard time diving into the bedding and textile manufacturing industry in a way that was efficient and could be scaled quickly.

At Offis, we see the stress entering a new manufacturing process, and we take that away from companies. We are able to provide startups and enterprises looking to make a difference in the bedding world end-to-end services that let them quickly incorporate high quality bedding and textile in a short time.

Because we have been in the textile industry for almost 50 years, we have the tools and team needed to help companies launch their own private labels with ease, however the thing that really makes a difference is the fact that we do everything in house. This way, companies reduce the middleman and are able to provide low prices to their clients in a clear and transparent way.

Strength of Brand Connection

From the increased awareness consumers have of the importance of sleep, to simpler ways of purchasing and manufacturing high quality bedding and textile, the bedding industry is changing and luxury bedding is not reserved for the 1% anymore.

Companies that want to create high quality bedding and textile can do so with ease – what will become harder is retaining clients and providing them with the customer support and service that will create a strong brand connection loyalty for years to come.

Moran Blanga is the VP Business Development of Offis Textile with over 10 years of experience managing international B2B projects. Moran has an MBA from the Ben Gurion University in the Negev. When not helping startups and enterprises enter the luxury bedding industry with ease, Moran enjoys traveling the world to discover the hotels with the best bedsheets.

The post has been written by Moran Blanga.

VP Business Development